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I help coaches, trainers and consultants to build their dream business so that they are able to: ➡ Communicate their message with clarity. 

➡ Connect with their audience with confidence.

➡ Earn credibility as the subject matter authority through effective communication.

➡ Attract their ideal clients.

➡ Generate the income they desire.

➡ Be the change-catalysts and impact-creators they want to be.


I work with individuals who do not feel seen and heard because they are not able to get their core message out and connect with the audience effectively. They: 

➡ Feel stuck

➡ Sound preachy when they share transformational concepts in their work

➡ Worry ‘Why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say’?

➡ Settle for average and not achieve their full potential

➡ They do not build high ticket programs and trade time for money.


People often have different messaging and communication for business purposes than their personal lives. It makes them ‘feel safe’ but also pushes them out of alignment with themselves because they do not feel authentic while communicating and connecting with their audience.

I specialise in bringing the whole of you to build your business messaging – through your personal stories. 

Your personal stories give you a unique positioning and advantage because there is just one person in this world who has a story like yours – YOU! 


I have huge experience in coaching people (including senior and executive management) who are gearing up for the next level in their lives and work by empowering their inner stories and opening up options they didn’t think existed!

In my coaching practice, I help fellow coaches, trainers and consultants get seen and heard through the personal stories.


“Parul is driven by a strong purpose to bring out the best in people, and help them achieve what they didn’t believe possible. Parul is a fantastic coach – insightful, intelligent and honest, with just the right balance of support and challenge. If you need someone who understands the beliefs that hold you back and has all the skills to help you overcome them, then Parul will be right for you.” ~ Pauline Hughes


We start with a FREE discovery breakthrough session via phone/Skype/Zoom. We identify your needs and explore if we are a good fit for each-other.

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Cancer Coaching

What is my ‘Why’ to offer cancer coaching?

I am a cancer survivor; I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in 2012 and went through an intense cancer experience. Therefore helping people who have been touched by cancer is very close to my heart.

Who do I work with?

Cancer patients (including terminal prognosis), survivors and caregivers

What makes my cancer coaching special?

Cancer is a life-changing event – it impacts people on all the 5 dimensions of their ecosystem – body, conscious and subconscious mind, social relationships and spirituality. When someone is going through such massive changes – all of them at the same time – they get overwhelmed and fall out of alignment with themselves.

Because of my personal experience, I understand the needs of cancer patients and carers extremely well which allows me to be of service to them to the best of my ability.

With cancer coaching, I empower people with the following magical tools:

➡ Stress Antidote: Helps you learn about your stress triggers and how to manage them
➡ Fear Antidote: Here you explore your deepest fears in a safe environment & how to move forward despite your fears.
➡ Broken You Antidote: You learn how to make your entire ecosystem whole – the body, the mind, the social relationships and spirituality!
➡ The Loss Antidote: You learn how to accept the loss/change cancer has caused and rebuild your life.

Thus, the objective of cancer coaching is to reduce the overwhelm, give you practical tools to manage stress and fear, and help you improve the quality of your life, irrespective of your medical prognosis.

What others say:

“I connected with Parul to get help as I embarked on a new relationship with a man with terminal cancer. I was a nervous wreck. Within my first 3 calls with her, I felt a sense of calm and peace. I felt like I was going to be able to deal and thrive in my relationship. She was an active listener and helped by providing me with insights and validation.” ~Carol Armstrong

Ready to regain control back on your life after cancer? Let’s talk!


Hire Parul For Your Next Keynote

Are you planning on hiring a keynote speaker for a corporate event, industry wide conference, or executive summit?

Cool! You are in the right place. 🙂

I am a change catalyst. I do not subscribe to being a victim to what life throws at her; I like to take charge….and I know that you would like it too.

                        ‘Being in a challenging situation is a circumstance; being stuck in it is a choice!’ ~Parul Banka

In my keynote address, ‘You have a choice’, I explore the difference between control and choice….a lot of events may not be in your control but how you respond to those events is definitely your choice. Control is disempowering whereas choice is empowering. Control stems out of ego and fear whereas choice out of acceptance.

As a coach and a cancer survivor, I am on a mission to empower millions of people by affirming that they have a choice!

                                                                      Don’t just be. Choose. Feel empowered.

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