Free 5 Day Challenge reveals how Coaches can start to attract a steady flow of aligned clients through their Personal Story!









5 Day Challenge reveals how Coaches can attract a steady flow of aligned clients through their Personal Story!

Join my FREE ‘Find Your Story’ Challenge where you will learn the steps you need to take to discover your personal story to deepen your impact and increase your clients and income

Challenge Starts 22nd June 2020









Attention Coaches:


Starting 22nd June 2020


Find Your Story and use it to attract a steady flow of aligned clients to scale your business

Parul is a captivating speaker who has a powerful and inspirational personal story. What’s more, she is intuitive and sensitive to others, she listens with purpose and has high levels of empathy. This is what makes Parul such a wonderful coach.

I highly recommend her to coaches who want to share their own stories, speak more confidently and as a result, get more clients.

Lisa Barry

Mission Led Content Coach

I found Parul to be so kind, and so knowledgeable about speaking and storytelling. Parul is really supportive and offers really useful feedback with empathy. 

I really enjoyed Parul’s “stand up and share my story challenge”… It was a challenge for me, and I was really grateful that Parul provided a safe space to allow me to learn. If you need help and support with being visible, by speaking, then I recommend Parul.

Amanda Hope

Performance and Mindset Coach

Parul, thank you for speaking at our fundraising Gala Dinner.

I was aware that you were an excellent orator, however, nothing had prepared me for the manner in which you captured our attention. 

You moved the audience by your words which clearly contributed significantly to the amazing £50,000 raised on the night.   



John French

CEO, Paul's Cancer Support Centre

What’s included?

cool You will unlock your unique story which will help you attract a steady flow of aligned clients to scale your business and deepen your impact.

cool I reveal the simple decisions that will enable you to cut through the clutter and see your story with utmost clarity and safety.

cool Through your story, you will build your business by saying no to salesy or icky ideas that make you feel manipulative, go ‘ewww’ or feel unsafe. 

cool Every day you will get a simple task to complete and post in the group on how you get on. Each task should take 30 mins and I will be available to support you.


Is it for you? 


cool You don’t feel seen and heard by your audience and are, therefore, unable to attract people who feel aligned with you and make the impact and income you set out to make as a coach. 

cool You sound salesy, pushy and eeky when sharing your business message.

cool You understand that stories are powerful but aren’t sure where to even start looking for your story.

cool You are looking for a unique tool that will help standout from other coaches in a busy market place.

 cool You want to it in a way that feels right and safe for you.

That's me, Parul, your coach!

Story work is not just about speaking or storytelling skills.


This work goes much deeper.

Finding, owning, sharing or creating a new story is emotional and spiritual work.

It is soulful. 

It is a beautiful process of going within so that you can go and share your story with the world outside.

But the first step is to find your story….that’s what I want to help you achieve on this challenge.

Tens of thousands of people woke up today looking for solutions that you as a coach help solve. The challenge is they do not know you exist. Let’s help those people find you…


…Through your story!

This 5 day free challenge is for coaches who want to scale their business by attracting a steady flow of aligned clients.

What is a 5 day challenge? It is simply 5 days of free learning where you will attend every day during 5 set days, and leave with a new skill – no strings attached!

Everyone is welcome, however those who will benefit the most are:

  • Coaches who want to scale their business by letting those people who need their help find them.
  • Business owners who are done playing small and are willing to go ‘all-in’ to create the life they want.

Sign up and you will be given a link to the secret group where you need to request to join.

You will be be provided with group access the Saturday before the challenge begins.


Note: This challenge is not for the fainthearted!  You have to be committed to your growth and keep up or you will get behind and struggle to recover.  I will be giving my everything in this challenge and I expect you to do the same.


Question: I am all in. Are you? 


Monday 22nd June at 6am until Friday 26th June 2020


You will be sent links on email to find the tasks and attend the lives as they happen.  The challenge takes place in a free pop up Facebook group that you need to request access to after you register your spot.


Over the 5 days you will find your personal story that you can use to share your message.


Me, Parul, will be your coach!  Depending on the number of members attending I will also have a support team.


With a task explained by videos each day.  I will also go live every day to answer your questions and teach you more. 


Not convinced yet that this challenge is worth your time and effort? Read on!



You provided a valuable and secure space here where I felt safe enough to be vulnerable. I observed that several times when up in my head I began projecting and was able to learn from that and see through the incongruence I was experiencing.

Through showing up each day I’ve found my way back to commitment and accountability in a way I had forgotten. And there’s been a big shift in what I perceive my responsibility in this world as being. Sharing my story in an empowered fashion has contributed to reinforcing my core sense of strength.

Andréa Watts

Executive Coach

Parul, this has to be the most comprehensive, well thought out, well organised, massive value, safest 5-day challenge that has ever challenged!

The work and time that has gone into it is obvious.

Martin Seville

Empowerment Coach

Parul, you have truly made this space safe to start the narrative in our stories.

We’ve had so many rich impactful shares and live sessions.

Also, in my experience, this is the only time as I reflect back in life where space is all about you…Like one of the ladies mentioned ’owning your truth’

The power and strength of our stories does create changes! 🙏🙏

Asiaw J Kwadwo

Mindset Coach

I am ready to attract a steady flow of aligned clients by finding my unique story!

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