‘Stand Up And Share My Story’


Free 5 Day Challenge 


I am ready to share my story!

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‘Stand Up And Share My Story’ 


Free 5 Day Challenge 

I am ready to share my story!

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Hiya Coaches,

Learn how to be seen and heard by sharing your story

5 day free challenge starting on 2nd December 2019!


Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for coaches who:  

  • are brilliant at coaching but struggle to be seen and heard by their audience.
  • are done playing small and staying invisible 
  • want to share their gifts with the rest of the world to make this world a better place through connection, communication and creating impact (You can make an impact only when you own and live your purpose actively). 
  • want to build or scale their business through building a tribe where you are seen as the go-to expert. 

You will join a community of coaches who are change catalysts and are willing to sparkle through speaking and storytelling. No, you will not be left on your own to navigate the whole content! 

Check out what others are saying:

Parul is a captivating speaker who has a powerful and inspirational personal story. What’s more, she is intuitive and sensitive to others, she listens with purpose and has high levels of empathy. This is what makes Parul such a wonderful coach.

I highly recommend her to coaches who want to share their own stories, speak more confidently and as a result, get more clients.

Lisa Barry

Mission Led Content Coach

Parul is a very supportive and insightful coach. During our session, she helped me become clear of what was really holding me back from taking my business to the next level.

Her thoughtful recommendations have given me the structure and confidence to take steps forward instead of trying to figure it all out on my own. I highly recommend Parul! 

Ben Gerbrecht

Money Mindset Coach

Parul, thank you for speaking at our fundraising Gala Dinner.

I was aware that you were an excellent orator, however, nothing had prepared me for the manner in which you captured our attention. 

You moved the audience by your words which clearly contributed significantly to the amazing £50,000 raised on the night.   

John French

CEO, Paul's Cancer Support Centre



I am Parul. I help brilliant coaches like yourself be seen and heard through your personal stories so that you can build your business.

The coaches I work with stop settling, they stop playing small because they use their personal stories to establish their credibility & authority to stand out from the crowd and connect with their audience. They communicate their ‘why’ loud and clear because people do not just buy what we do but why we do it. 

In our current world where most information is just a click away, our ability to establish an emotional bond with our audience is critical to our success. Stories are a brilliant tool to establish that connection. 

As a coach, my superpower is to identify patterns that make you get in your way and open up options that you didn’t know existed. 

I facilitate this by exploring your inner stories which, in turn, helps you to own your worthiness and your story. Your new inner story says, “I see myself and consider myself worthy.” Then I help you write a sparkling story. 

The story that is unique because it is yours and will help you build your dream business. 

The story that makes sure that you do not become the crowd. 

And why settle when you can sparkle?

In these 5 days, you will learn:

  • the essential ‘speaking’ ingredients you need to speak impactfully.
  • where most coaches go wrong when it comes to sharing their message through speaking.
  • the most important tool that will help you stand out from the crowd – your story. 
  • how to communicate through connection and clarity and position yourself as the go-to expert.
  • how to nail every speaking opportunity so that you do not hide from your clients any more , and are seen and heard by your audience. 

I am ready to share my story!

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Not convinced yet? 

You sorted out my articulation and engagement problems while addressing an audience…especially with my senior management team.

I used your storytelling technique in a recent presentation – my big boss seemed glued to my presentation…LOL…he was totally engaged and approved my recommendation On The Spot. 

This course was the best investment I ever made on my learning.

Megha Gupta

Parul attended our Macmillan Staff Induction to share her experience with Cancer and we were hanging on her every word.

Her story was perfectly structured with Parul knowing exactly when to draw the audience in using the tone/volume of her voice, she paused to build tension and conveyed a controlled passion in her voice that meant you could not help but listen to her.

Our delegates left the induction thoroughly inspired and gave a huge round of applause with two even offering a standing ovation! 

Thomas O'Brien

From avoiding public speaking like the plague (sorry about the cliche but it does its job) to now addressing upto a 1000 people at work…my public speaking journey has been transformational. 

Thank you for your public speaking workshop that I attended. I have since implemented your tools and techniques in every talk and presentation.  

And as soon as those nerves start taking over, I now know exactly how to send them away.

Siddharth Pratap

Ok – I am in! I am ready to share my story!

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