I make mastering impromptu speaking possible!

Next workshop: 25th July 2020

2:30 PM – 5:30 PM BST / 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST

I make mastering impromptu speaking possible!

Next workshop: 25th July 2020

2:30 PM – 5:30 PM BST / 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST

Are you missing out on opportunities for fear of impromptu speaking?

As a business owner, do you worry about ‘putting yourself out there’ during live videos, networking meetings and even sales calls because you may have to ‘think on the feet’?

If you work in the corporate world, what about conversations with clients, pitches, business proposals, team meetings, while introducing yourselves to colleagues and clients, townhall meetings, conferences, networking, presentations?

What if you say something silly, or can’t think at all, and look like an idiot? 

Is this risk even worth taking?…You contemplate!

More often than not, you do not want to ‘risk it’. It only means that while you stay safe, you also miss out on the opportunities. Not only that, but you also end up feeling rubbish about yourself because you let it happen again.

There is a better and easier way than repeating this pattern.

Understanding what stops you from mustering the confidence and the courage to think on the feet, resolving those blocks and staying prepared for the times when you may have to do impromptu speaking is the key.

Yes, you read that right.

You CAN prepare for the impromptu speaking.

Didn’t Mark Twain say that we need about 3 weeks to prepare for an impromptu speech?

Well, I better the offer…I help you master impromptu speaking in 3 hours.

Tall promise, I know.

With this workshop that I run on Zoom, you learn what gets in your way of effective impromptu speaking, get solutions to those blocks and also get five templates that help you be prepared so that you never put your foot in your mouth.

Feels too good to be true? Read what others have to say about this workshop!

I never thought I’d be able to regain my voice so quickly after letting people take it from me for so long. I never thought I could not only DO improvisational speaking, but come to look forward to it every week, as I do with ‘Foot in your Mouth Friday’.

I didn’t realize until recently just how much improvisational speaking we do in business – when we meet people, when we introduce ourselves, when we introduce our offers. Practicing that skill turns out to be an Extremely Good Idea, and I’m so grateful that she offers us that chance every week! (And in this upcoming workshop as well!)

Birdy Diamond

Parul, what a great workshop it was! It was filled with inner work and insights, great tips and templates, all wonderfully delivered by Parul in her kind, engaging and supportive manner.

I loved it, thank you!

Ana-Maria Ignat

Thank you for the wonderful learning experience Parul! It was such a supportive environment! I’m looking forward to what’s coming next!

Gabriella Vermaak

No more missing out on opportunities! You deserve better!

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