I help people at three
different points in their journey to share their story.

I help people at three
different points in their journey to share their story.

1st touchpoint: Rewire My Story

Many coaches tell me that they are fed up of not feeling seen and heard in their business and their life. They know they are brilliant at what they do but they are afraid to step on the stage or do a live video. They hold back on publishing posts or being visible on social media even though they know that taking the action will bring them the 5-star clients they desire.

This is because deep inside their inner stories talk them out of being seen and heard. Whilst it makes no rational sense, there is that ONE person who gets in their way and blatantly refuses to see, hear and validate them – they themselves!

This pesky inner story typically runs on lines of ‘I would be judged’ or ‘I will let people down’. I even heard a coach worry that being successful may break down her marriage because she would be financially independent and may not need the support her spouse brings her!

Yes, our fears are stories that we have practised over and over again; they often come disguised as logical reasons and fool us into thinking that they keep us safe but they don’t. At worst they keep us stuck and at best, small!

Result? A vicious circle of shying away from sharing your unique message, building connection with your audience, establishing credibility as a subject matter expert and becoming the crowd!

Consequently, you stay overworked. You struggle to scale the business you desire because you cannot do it when no one sees or hears you!

‘Rewire My Story’ is my program for coaches whose inner stories are getting in their way of success. In this program, we:


1. Gain clarity on what you want to achieve,

2. Work on deep set issues such as the worthiness and deservability and demolish your fears,

3. Strengthen your strengths,

4. Learn how to be resilient and manage your state when things go wrong

5. Write a sparkling story that you can use with the world outside time and again!


We also look at those habits that stop you from moving ahead. Anything on lines of procrastination, not showing up consistently or working to the edge of sanity or not taking action.

I had to rewire my own story from ‘I am not an entrepreneur’ to “I am an entrepreneur’ to start making progress with my coaching business.

So, by the end of the program, you sort out your inner stories and move from ‘I do not see myself’ to ‘I see myself’.

You stop getting in your own way.

Ready to find out more? 

Book your £99 session to take the first step towards rewiring your inner story.


Parul is a coach who brings so much value, she not only enables you to see your story but how important it is.

Parul keeps you centered on you, you will be able to speak your story too as Parul is so gifted in teaching this.

Parul is honest and kind to work with, she is a joy to know.

Jill C Brown

Parul is an excellent coach. Her intuition and insight enables her to ask you the coaching questions which will open your eyes to your own blocks, enabling you to rewrite your own story.

Bonnie Towe

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