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Online Courses

Rock That Stage

If you do not command a presence on stage/screen and aren’t able to build trust with your audience, you will not be able to create the impact you’d like to create through speaking. 

I know that it sounds harsh but it may not matter that you are an expert on what you are presenting.

We take action when we hear it from people who we trust and therefore, without trust, your message will not be effective. We are inspired and persuaded by the speakers who have a certain presence on the stage. 

I do not say this to overwhelm or stress you. I just want you to know that with a tiny investment, you can sort out the trust, presence, wardrobe, voice coaching and a lot more factors to make the most of the time on the stage. You can now just focus on your message and get other hindering factors out of your way. 

A recap on what you will learn on the course: 

* Wardrobe – What to wear or not to make sure that the audience cannot take their eyes off you? 

* Trust – Learn how to build trust, even with a new audience.

* Presence – Learn how to command the all-elusive presence on stage.

* Nerves – What to do when it is showtime, you are on stage and those pesky nerves kick in? 

* Voice coaching – How to look after your voice? Short term as well as long term solutions for your voice.

* The room set up – The lectern and the other key aspects of set up of the room where you will be taking the stage. 

I implement these concepts every single time when I do public speaking, be it online or from the stage. E.g. There have been events where I have dressed up as per the dress code, like at the House of Lords but there were others where I didn’t follow the dress code and it worked exceedingly well for me…like the gala fundraising event where I wore a bright blue saree instead of the usual black that was the norm. It is knowing which you do where that makes all the difference. Or say, the concept of trust….as speakers we can inspire our audience to take the desired action by buying our idea or product or service but that happens only when we speak with a certain presence and are able to establish trust, even with a new audience.


Parul attended our Macmillan Staff Induction on the 27th January 2016 to kindly share her experience with Cancer and we were hanging on her every word.

Her story was perfectly structured with Parul knowing exactly when to draw the audience in using the tone/volume of her voice, she paused to build tension and conveyed a controlled passion in her voice that meant you could not help but listen to her.

Our delegates left the induction thoroughly inspired and gave a huge round of applause with two even offering a standing ovation! Thank you, Parul.

Thomas O'Brien

How hard can it be for a professional speaker to deliver a speech relevant to their audience every time they step on the stage? 

I say…very!

But with your ‘bespoke everytime’ strategy, it has been a breeze, even when I had little or no information about my audience.

This stuff totally works, Parul. Thank you…this is the real deal.

Rukmini Iyer

Little do people realize how much difference meeting the right people in their formative years can make to their lives.

I was fortunate to have Parul as my mentor very early and it made a huge difference to my approach and attitude to public speaking.

She walks the talk, and her talk is endearing to a mentee.

It is encouraging to know that Parul’s expertise is now available to the willing and keen learners.

I recommend Parul sincerely and wish you learn from the learned.

Suneel Agarwal

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