‘Stand Up And Share My Story’

The Group Coaching Program

‘Stand Up And Share My Story’

The Group Coaching Program

Stand Up and Share My Story: Group Coaching

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This is for you if you are ready to shine through speaking and want the end to end speaking solution for a coach. You also want to be mentored by a speaking coach and take this journey with other like-minded business owners. 


Are you a coach who is ready to be seen and heard by a wider audience to build/scale your business? Do you have an important message to share and an offering that changes the world, one life at a time?    


Do you also struggle to share your message on social media or in the wide world through videos or from the stage or speaking at the networking events because you are worried about being judged, have fear of not being good enough and are scared of letting people down?       


 You are probably also scared of public speaking and when you do speak, you stress about how to make the most of the screen or the stage time you have. Of course, the main challenge still remains: how do you write a bespoke speech/talk that is relevant to the audience and is delivered in an engaging manner such that it is remembered for years after and makes the audience take the action you want them to take?    


When you do not share your message through speaking, your ideal clients do not find you as easily as they could if you were sharing your message. They miss out on the life-changing transformation you could provide them; you miss out on building/scaling your business and the impact that you wanted to create as a coach remains limited.     


It is a lose-lose situation. But it does not have to be like this!   


 This is where the Stand Up and Share My Story – The Group Coaching Program comes into play.  


“English please”, I hear you get restless!   


Alright…Introducing the Stand Up and Share My Story – The Group Coaching Program, the exact ingredients that I have used to share my story to raise tens of thousands of pounds for cancer charities here in the UK.  I am proudest of speaking for a cancer charity at the House of Lords (the poshest venue where I was invited as a speaker) and the Inner Temple where my 8 minutes speech was instrumental in raising over 50K pounds.  


What exactly do you get in this program?  


The first step in this program is to understand your fear of public speaking, grab it and send it away for good. The approach that we use to get over our fear of speaking is different on this program. 


What if I tell you that there is nothing like the fear of public speaking? Yes, that is true! 


When someone says that they are afraid of public speaking, there is something else that is going underneath. Something deeper, and more visceral. Fear of public speaking is just the symptom and not the cause. In this program, we address the cause of fear – we understand it, so that we can accept it and then get rid of it for good.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” ~Marie Curie

It is covered under the first online course ‘Overcome your fear of public speaking’ (the world’s number one fear, even bigger than the fear of death)


The second step is to implement the 6 pillars of speaking through the second online course ‘The Perfect Speech Formula’. In this course, you learn how to get into the mindset of a great speaker and how to write and deliver a great talk? The Perfect Speech Formula also has two amazing exercises on how to get rid of your fear of public speaking; they could serve as ‘top-up’ exercises if you are also investing in the first online course ‘Overcome your fear of public speaking’ or they can be enough on their own to get rid of fears.  

The third step is to spend some time perfecting storywriting. This is covered under the third online course The Sticky Stories Formula. The objective is to understand the concepts around stories, how they help us connect with other humans, learn how to glean stories from our own life and how to package those stories in an interesting and structured way.

The fourth and the final step is to learn how to Rock That Stage, through presence, trust, voice coaching and several other important things when you have landed that public speaking gig.


In a nutshell, through Stand Up and Share My Story – The Group Coaching Program, you have the end to end speaking solution for a coach – right from mindset/fear management to writing and delivering a speech to making the most of the stage time.

You transform into a coach:

Who uses public speaking as a tool to inspire and persuade – your clients as well as fellow coaches.

Who grows quickly as a star coach – because you are able to communicate your ideas with clarity, connect with your audience and stand out as an expert, especially in a crowded market place.

Who is not scared of public speaking anymore because we pack and send away your fear of public speaking for good and you can therefore step into the limelight.

Who is able to build trust and presence through speaking.

Who can directly impact the bottomline of your business – because you are able to sell your ideas, products and services more effectively and frequently.

Who sparkles, instead of settling as an average coach in a world full of coaches? 

And why settle when you can sparkle?

How much time will it take? 


It is a six weeks program. During these six weeks, I will coach you everyday, topic by topic, in the group set up exclusively for the participants of this program. You will also get access to all the content in one go as soon as you sign up. I have designed the courses such that you would be able to dip in and dip out as and when you want. 

Public Speaking, like any skill, needs to be honed over a period of time. You cannot learn how to be an effective speaker just by watching other speakers and understanding the theory. There comes a time when you have to jump in and play the game. When you do, magic happens.

To get the most out of the courses, I suggest that you start with one course and practise it for a while.


Lifetime access


This one-time investment will give you life-time access to content. You will be a member of my community for speakers and storytellers where you can go through as many iterations of this 6 weeks course as you’d like. As soon as you register, you will get access to ALL the content. I will regularly add new content in the form of videos and exercises so that the content keeps improving and evolving.


Unlike other coaching programs, you will not be left on your own during and after the program gets over. You will become part of my speaking and storytelling community, which I will nurture through coaching every day. You will also be able to meet and support other coaches who are on this journey with you.


How much does it cost?

For the current intake to The Group Coaching, you pay £547 only at the early bird price and £647 later. 

The idea is that you pay for the content but work your way through it with direct mentoring and coaching at a miniscule extra investment. I know that it can be hard to find the discipline to navigate through content on our own; I want to be there for you and hold your hand to make this transformation easy and fun for you. 

Action takers only


Building muscle requires consistent work. So, does building the speaking muscle. You will become a better speaker through this program only if you take consistent action.

Again, what do you get exactly?


You get lifetime access to the following 4 video based courses AND 6 weeks coaching delivered within a Facebook group:

1 – Overcome your fear of public speaking (the world’s number one fear, even bigger than the fear of death)

2 – The Perfect Speech Formula – How to get into the mindset of a great speaker, deal with the phobia of speaking and how to write and deliver a great talk?
3 – The Sticky Stories Formula – How to craft sublime stories that connect with the audience, establish your credibility and help you stand out from the crowd?
4 – Rock That Stage – How to rock the stage when you have managed to land that speaking gig or decided to show up and share your message on a video or from the stage?


The coaching will be delivered in a Facebook group where I will show up every day, coach you on the topic of the day and hold you accountable so that you keep moving forward.You will be able to get all your questions answered during the call. 


Any questions, get in touch through the contact form.

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I found Parul to be so kind, and so knowledgeable about speaking and storytelling. Parul is really supportive and offers really useful feedback with empathy. I really enjoyed Parul’s “stand up and share my story challenge”… It was a challenge for me, and I was really grateful that Parul provided a safe space to allow me to learn. If you need help and support with being visible, by speaking, then I recommend Parul.

Amanda Hope

You provided a valuable and secure space here where I felt safe enough to be vulnerable. I observed that several times when up in my head I began projecting and was able to learn from that and see through the incongruence I was experiencing.

Through showing up each day I’ve found my way back to commitment and accountability in a way I had forgotten. And there’s been a big shift in what I perceive my responsibility in this world as being. Sharing my story in an empowered fashion has contributed to reinforcing my core sense of strength.

Andréa Watts