‘Stand Up And Share My Story’

Learn to Connect. Soulfully. Safely.

For coaches who ‘suck’ at selling.

‘Stand Up And Share My Story’

Learn to Connect. Soulfully. Safely.

For coaches who ‘suck’ at selling’

For Coaches, who want to Connect Soulfully and Safely to Serve powerfully but ‘suck’ at selling.

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This is for you if you want to serve clients powerfully but suck (or believe that you do) at selling. Whether we accept or not, the truth is that we are selling all the time and that we are all sales people. But sales has a bad reputation because we have experienced a salesy. icky, manipulative version of it. 

This program helps you take a different approach. It enables you to sell through connection and not manipulation the most precious concept you can ever sell – Yourself! The tools we use to make this happen are our inner stories, our personal story and speaking!


So…let me check…

Are you a coach who is ready to build your audience soulfully and in a way that feels right for you? Do you have an important message to share and an offering that changes the world, one life at a time?    

Do you also struggle to share your story on social media or in the wide world through videos or from the stage or speaking at the networking events because you are worried about being judged, worry that your story is not interesting enough or do not have clarity on where to even start looking for your story?  You might even be worried about being locked into the identity your story gives you. 

In short, you feel unsafe sharing your story. 

When you do not share your message through speaking, especially your story, people who could benefit from your help do not find you as easily as they could if you were sharing your message. They miss out on the life-changing transformation you could provide them; you miss out on building/scaling your business and the impact that you wanted to create as a coach remains limited.     


It is a lose-lose situation. But it does not have to be like this!     


This is where the Stand Up and Share My Story – The Group Coaching Program comes into play.    


“English please”, I hear you get restless!   


Alright…Introducing the Stand Up and Share My Story – My Group Coaching Program, the exact ingredients that I have used to share my story to raise tens of thousands of pounds for cancer charities here in the UK.  I am proudest of speaking for a cancer charity at the House of Lords (the poshest venue where I was invited as a speaker) and the Inner Temple where my 8 minutes speech was instrumental in raising over 50K pounds. 



What exactly do you get on this program?  

On this program, you: 

– Find Your story

– Own Your Story

– Share Your Story


We do all of these things but not in this order.  


The first step on this program is to understand your fear of public speaking, grab it and send it away for good. The approach that we use to get over our fear of speaking is different on this program. 


What if I tell you that there is nothing like the fear of public speaking? Yes, that is true! 


 When someone says that they are afraid of public speaking, there is something else that is going underneath. Something deeper, and more visceral. Fear of public speaking is just the symptom and not the cause. In this program, we address the cause of fear – we understand it, so that we can accept it and then get rid of it for good. 


“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” ~Marie Curie 

It is covered under the first online course ‘Overcome your fear of public speaking’ (the world’s number one fear, even bigger than the fear of death). The concept explained here can be used to get rid of any kind of resistance or fear. I have personally used the three approaches shared in this module to get rid of several of my fears.


The second step is to implement the 6 pillars of speaking through the second module ‘The Perfect Speech Formula’. 

In this course, you learn how to get into the mindset of a great speaker and how to write and deliver a great talk. The Perfect Speech Formula also has two amazing exercises on how to get rid of your fear of speaking; they could serve as ‘top-up’ exercises to the fear management in ‘Overcome your fear of public speaking’ or they can be enough on their own to get rid of fears or resistance.   

The third step is to spend time on storytelling, including finding and owning your own story.

This is covered under the third module ‘The Sticky Stories Formula’. The objective is to understand the concepts around stories, how they help us connect with other humans, learn how to glean stories from our own life and how to package those stories in an interesting and structured way.

Your key personal story represents who you are and can be your leading message to connect with other people if you choose so. It can also be tied back to your work or can be used on its own. 

There is a very good reason why we do not start the program with finding your story, even though that’s a key aspect of the program.

The fourth and the final step is to learn how to Rock That Stage or Video, through presence, trust, voice coaching and several other important things when you have landed that public speaking gig or decided to shoot a video.


In a nutshell, through Stand Up and Share My Story, you have the end to end solution for a coach to be fearlessly visible through your story – right from finding, owning and sharing your story. You generate connection with other human beings that translate into tangible business. 

You transform into a coach:

– Who uses your story to deepen your impact and connect with your kind of people soulfully.

– Who uses storytelling and public speaking to inspire and persuade – your clients as well as fellow coaches.

– Who grows quickly as the go-to coach of choice – so that when people are ready to buy what you sell, they come to you….because you are able to communicate your ideas with clarity, connect with your audience and stand out as an expert, especially in the crowded market place….in other words,

You connect through your story and make sales…without selling.

– Who is not scared of public speaking anymore because we pack and send away your fear of public speaking for good and you can therefore step into the limelight.

– Who can directly impact the bottomline of your business – because you are able to sell your ideas, products and services more effectively and frequently.

– Who sparkles, instead of settling as an average coach in a world full of coaches?

And why settle when you can sparkle?

How much time will it take? 


It is a six weeks program. During these six weeks, you will have continuous access to me for coaching in the group set up exclusively for the participants of this program. You will also get access to all the content in one go as soon as you sign up. I have designed the modules such that you would be able to dip in and dip out as and when you want. In addition to having access to me in the group, you will have two laser coaching sessions every week with me where you can have 1:1 attention for those 10 minutes.

Storytelling and speaking, like other skills, need to be honed over a period of time. You cannot learn how to be an effective storyteller or a speaker just by watching other speakers and understanding the theory. There comes a time when you have to jump in and play the game. When you do, magic happens.

Personal Story is deep work and it is important to be open-minded and curious to be able to do it justice.

Lifetime access

 This one-time investment will give you life-time access to content and to six weeks of coaching with me. As soon as you register, you will get access to ALL the content. I will regularly add new content in the form of videos and exercises so that the content keeps improving and evolving.


Unlike a lot of other programs, you will not be left on your own during and after the program gets over. You will become part of my speaking and storytelling community, which I will nurture through coaching support. You will also be able to meet and support other coaches who are on this journey with you.


The story work is not just skills-based. It goes much deeper. Some people even see it as the work you do at a soul or spiritual level. 

It is an inside job, 100%.

That’s because we hold up a mirror to ourselves every time we peep into our story. Stories are like the identities we wear and therefore we make crucial decisions when we own or let go of or reframe or rewire our stories.

On the program, I will make sure that while you dabble into vulnerability, you are held and feel safe. That’s my promise to you! 

How much does it cost?

For the current intake to The Group Coaching, the early bird pricing is available: 

Full payment: £997
In Installments – £99 for 12 months

The idea is that you commit to this intense program for 6 weeks with me; I want to be there for you to help you become fearlessly visible and make this transformation easy and fun for you. 

Action takers only


Building muscle requires consistent work. So, does building the speaking muscle. You will become a better storyteller and speaker through this program only if you take consistent action.

Again, what do you get exactly?


You get lifetime access to the following 4 video-based modules, 6 weeks coaching support delivered within a Facebook group including 12 sessions of laser-focused coaching in total.

1 – Overcome your fear of public speaking (the world’s number one fear, even bigger than the fear of death)

2 – The Perfect Speech Formula – How to get into the mindset of a great speaker, deal with the phobia of speaking and how to write and deliver a great talk?
3 – The Sticky Stories Formula – How to craft sublime stories that connect with the audience, establish your credibility and help you stand out from the crowd?
4 – Rock That Stage – How to rock the stage when you have managed to land that speaking gig or decided to show up and share your message on a video or from the stage?


The coaching will be delivered in a Facebook group where I will show up every day, coach you on whatever you need help with and help you move one step forward.This is in addition to the two Zoom calls of laser focused coaching every week. If you want, you can create a video every day for 6 weeks and get specific input and feedback from me.


Any questions, get in touch through the contact form.

Ready to find, own and share your story to connect deeply and soulfully with your audience? Click one of the buttons below. 


Can definitely recommend Parul’s work! Before meeting her and joining in on her Foot In Your Mouth Fridays in her group ‘We Tell Stories’ I never thought of myself as a successful improv speaker. No more! Now I come to each session full of confidence. Not every time is full of brilliance, but they are all full of WORDS and related words at that! Something I never thought I’d be able to say about myself. So yeah, if you haven’t signed up yet for this workshop, then pounce!!! You will be SO glad you did. -B! :>O<:

Barbara 'Birdy' Diamond

You never cease to amaze me Parul! Paragliding is one of the things I would love to do one day.
I see the parallel of paragliding with speaking and how a bird, like paragliders, is able to soar and to float on the thermals. As the teacher has taught the student, so the student is able to teach and both will reach for the sky and much more than that. Mission impossible will become possible! 
Charmaine Barber

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