I help people at three
different points in their journey to share their story.

I help people at three
different points in their journey to share their story.

3rd touchpoint: Stand up and Share My Story

You have been checking out the YouTube videos of great speakers and TEDx speakers and secretly wishing, “If only I wasn’t SO scared of public speaking, I would create this magic on the stage too”. “If only I knew how to write bespoke and relevant speeches, I would….”. “If only I knew how to engage my audience, especially when their number is in hundreds, I would…”. “If only English was my first language, I would be a confident speaker.” “If only I knew how to organise a talk such that my audience will remember me for years after I have finished speaking, I would….”. “If only I knew how to deliver my talks through stories, I would…”. “If only I knew how to generate trust and establish my presence on the stage, I would…”.

Phew! It can be challenging to juggle so many balls in a talk, alongside managing nerves, when you should really be focusing on creating that magic on the stage. You drop one ball and the whole talk goes for a toss and fails to Wow your audience. A talk that fails to wow our audience does not do any good because people are not inspired and persuaded to take the action you want them to talk. In short, while public speaking can be a great tool to create impact and persuade people, you fail to achieve the desired outcome.

Or worse…to avoid this agony, you do not show up and share your message. Your audience fails to see and hear you and you fail to build the business you deserve.

In short, you sparkle through your story!

Stand up and Share My Story changes that. It has a proven formula that is based on over 15 years of speaking…a formula that has been rinsed and repeated several times. A formula that transforms you into a confident speaker who is unstoppable; who moves forward despite nerves. A speaker who writes and delivers bespoke and relevant speeches for the audience such that they are wowed everytime you step on the stage. A speaker who creates magic even if you speak in your non-native language. A speaker who generates trust and establishes presence on the stage and is remembered for years after the speech is over. A speaker who crafts sublime stories that stick.

A speaker who is able to inspire and persuade people to take the action they want them to take.

A speaker who creates magic on the stage.

In short, you sparkle through your story!

Book your £99 session to take the first step towards sharing your story through public speaking.


Parul, thank you for speaking at our fundraising Gala Dinner. I was aware that you were an excellent orator, however, nothing had prepared me for the manner in which you captured our attention. 

You moved the audience by your words which clearly contributed significantly to the amazing £50,000 raised on the night.   

John French

Thank you, Parul, for coaching my two school-going children on improving their public speaking skills. The customised curriculum that you designed for each of them based on their individual skills and goals was fabulous!

Thank you for connecting so well with the kids and helping them in their learning process. We are very pleased with the overall growth of our kids’ personalities.

Thank you for your contribution; we would definitely like to engage you again.

Dinesh Goel

Parul supported me with my first public speaking opportunity. She gave me tips and insights, and reviewed my plan. Her wonderful style completely put me as ease. Knowing I’d followed Parul’s guidance in preparing my story, I felt a sense of comfort that it would all be ok. Not just ok, but great! My nerves melted away and I loved the experience.

Without Parul’s support I would not have planned or delivered as effectively. Parul coached me to believe that everyone has a story and we deserve to be heard! I highly recommend Parul for anyone wishing to be seen and heard through their story. 

Michelle Yeoman

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