I help people at three
different points in their journey to share their story.

I help people at three
different points in their journey to share their story.

2nd touchpoint: Tell My Story

What happens when you are ready to share your story because you understand that it is important and can give you a unique advantage but do not quite know where to start? I mean, you look at your entire life, however long or short it is, 20 or 30 or 50 or 70 years, see the minefield of fascinating experiences it is but have no idea what to include or what to leave out! “How do I pack a life of 70 years into 5 minutes?”someone asked me recently.

On the contrary, you might be someone who looks at your life and wonders, “I have no idea why someone would want to hear what I have to say. There is nothing special about my life; it has been pretty normal and ordinary.”

The challenge with either of these two thoughts is that you have no idea how to package your life experiences in a message that is uniquely yours. You miss out on the opportunity to connect with a special audience that resonates with what you bring to the table.

You become just one more coach in a world full of coaches! That means there is an incessant struggle for attracting clients and converting them. More so, if you are a coach who sells high ticket programs because people would not pay high ticket money for a generic coach, who they do not connect with.

Through ‘Tell My Story’, this struggle for clients stops because I transform you into a storyteller…the kind of storyteller people love to listen to. I help you incorporate the ‘extra’ into your ordinary story and present it as extraordinary, often with a huge dose of inspiration.

Remember that we tend to normalise our lives because we live them on a daily basis. But they can be hugely inspirational for someone who needs to hear exactly what we live on an everyday basis.

In this program, I teach you how to think, hear and speak in stories.

No more would you present a client success case study in the form of facts, but as a fascinating story instead. No more sounding pushy when you sell because you will sell through stories. No more being preachy when you ‘talk coaching’ because now you will enthrall your audience with a transformational story!

In short, you are ready to sparkle through your story!

Book your £99 session to take the first step towards sharing your story.


Parul was great to work with. She helped me with my ‘story’ when I was stuck and had a great way of breaking it down and going through each step supportively and encouragingly. Thanks Parul! 

Angie Shearer

Thank you Parul ! Your Storytelling Coaching has really opened me up to the value of my own story. My story now actually feels alive with potential to its usefulness for others like me. And I feel so much more at peace with my story. Thank you for sharing your gift with me !

Wilhelm Odendaal

Parul is an intuitive and empowering coach. She has been a huge help to me (as a coach myself) in supporting me to share my story and feel proud of what I have to offer the world. I find her own story a true inspiration and it’s helped me to understand the benefits of being seen and heard in my own way.

Louise Crewick-Crow

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