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Online Courses

The Perfect Speech Formula

Managing Nerves. Winning mindset. Writing bespoke speeches that are relevant to the audience. Effectively engaging your audience, especially when they are in large numbers. Storytelling. Organising your talk. Doing all of this whilst speaking in your non-native language and still developing your signature style of speaking. 

Phew! Too many things to worry about. Missing one thing can lead to a total disaster because it will be like missing an important ingredient of speaking. It can mess up your talk because you might not get the intended result, especially if you want your audience to take a specific action. So, a talk where you invite people to take an action such as buying a product or service or adopting a new way of thinking is concerned, you’ve got to make sure that you have all the elements in place.

The Perfect Speech Formula, changes that. It has a proven formula that is based on over 15 years of speaking…a formula that has been rinsed and repeated several times. 

The Perfect Speech Formula focuses on the following:

* How to get into the mindset of a great speaker? 

* How to get rid of your fear of public speaking; they could serve as ‘top-up’ exercises if you started with the ‘Overcome your fear of public speaking’ course or help you deal with the fear, if you are starting without it. 

* How to write and deliver a great talk through the following 6 pillars of speaking?

The end result is that this formula transforms you into a confident speaker who is unstoppable; who moves forward despite nerves. A speaker who writes and delivers bespoke and relevant speeches for the audience such that they are wowed every time you step on the stage. A speaker who creates magic even if you speak in your non-native language. A speaker who generates trust and establishes their presence on the stage and is remembered for years after the speech is over. A speaker who crafts sublime stories that stick. 

I have used this formula in my speaking engagements in the corporate world, at Toastmasters, in my business and at major fundraising events for charities I am passionate about. I have used it in more than one country and with people from several cultures. 

It has never let me down! 

Again, this is for you, if you want to become: 

* A speaker who is able to inspire and persuade people to take the action they want them to take. 

* A speaker who creates magic on the stage. 

In short, you are ready to sparkle through public speaking.


OMG…I never thought that online courses could work for public speaking. But I have changed my mind now. 

With this course, I have understood the technicalities of public speaking. I am definitely a better and a confident speaker now.

Parul, thanks for going the extra mile by answering my queries patiently even before I enrolled for the course and for supporting me after I completed the course. 

Thank you for creating this perfect course.

Shweta Bhattacharya

You sorted out my articulation and engagement problems while addressing an audience…especially with my senior management team.

I used your storytelling technique in a recent presentation – my big boss seemed glued to my presentation…LOL…he was totally engaged and approved my recommendation On The Spot. 

This online course was the best investment I ever made on my learning.

Megha Gupta

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