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I’m Parul.

I am a Story-telling coach. My vision is to help you rewire and share your story so that you can express your genius in front of your tribe.

My life changed when I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2012. I am grateful at having received a second chance at life and do not take my life for granted even a single moment. I want to make sure that I live every single day of the rest of my life thriving and helping people thrive, my own definition of ‘Happily ever after’. 🙂

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Ready to inspire the world with your story and build your dream business?

As a story-telling coach, I work with coaches, consultants, and trainers. I coach terrific stories out of my clients to enable them to share their genius in front of their tribe – so that they are seen and heard. I help them connect and communicate their message with their audience with clarity, confidence, and credibility so that they can build their dream business without sounding salesy, preachy and pushy!

Through the power of their personal stories, they inspire others; they also step into their personal power and own their growth because they are able to add more value to this world by touching the lives of people.

“Being in a fearful situation is a circumstance, being stuck in it is a choice.”

Parul banka, founder caramel coaching

I am glad that I got the opportunity to be coached by Parul banka, it was an enlightening experience.

For that one hour, I was completely in a different state. I gained more clarity about my inner self and realised that I have been underestimating my potential. I thank Parul for creating awareness regarding how I operate from pretending to be strong while being still in the grief zone due to a tragic event few years back. It helped me grieve once and for all so as to move forward for an extremely beautiful and fulfilling life. I loved being a coachee of Parul and look forward for a long lasting association in future. Keep Inspiring Parul!

Suhali Tipre

Life and Executive Coach at TranzSpire and CMO of Ocean Finvest

The coaching with you made me realise that I actually have ALL the knowledge to start my coaching business; what i need is only practice.

Manit Parmar

Spiritual Coach and Angel Tarot Card Reader

She broke down everything for me in simple terms and made it seem so easy. I knew what I wanted to do but did not know ‘the how’. She was able to explain all of it in the best possible way. Now I feel very equipped and ready to put myself out there.

Rukkayat Lawal

Business Coach and Mentor Nigeria

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