Coaches, stop ‘informing’ and start ‘connecting’ with your audience in a soulful way that feels right & safe for you.

Let your audience find you by becoming their number-1

coach of choice, without manipulation or icky selling.

Coaches, stop ‘informing’ and start ‘connecting’ with your audience in a soulful way that feels right & safe for you. 

Time to let your audience find you by becoming their number-1 coach of choice, without manipulation or icky selling.

Hiya, I am Parul!

‘I help you stop getting distracted with the ‘information so that you can focus on ‘connection’ through the most powerful and unique tool you possess – you!

You became a coach because you wanted to help people and make a difference in this world. You wanted to create a legacy through your work. You are brilliant at the transformation you get for your clients through coaching.

But you are unseen and unheard by your audience.  

You do what most other coaches do. At best, you show up on social media and share coaching concepts….providing value, inviting people for free discovery calls, commenting on people’s posts throughout the day. At worst, the thought of showing up online to talk about your business sends you down a rabbit hole because you fear judgement. 


So, what exactly is the problem? Are there people who do not need what you offer? Is that it?  




There are tens of thousands of people who woke up today looking for solutions to the problems you help solve. They just do not know that you exist.  

This is where I come in.   

I truly believe that in our current world where massive amount of information is just a click away, our ability to establish an emotional bond with our audience is critical to our success. Stories are the most powerful medium to establish that connection. 

I also believe that building a business without our stories is the harder way to do it….especially if you are doing it on your own…because you cannot see your story when you are in it.

Our stories reflect the whole of us. They are like the identities we acquire during our human existence on the planet. When we share our story, we share a part of us with our audience. What can possibly be more intimate, more vulnerable than that?   



But you must share your story in a way that feels right for you. Yes, you may be willing to let your guard down and let them into your world and you must feel safe in the process. You must be able to explore your story like an observer, own it with love, make peace with it and acknowledge how extraordinary it is. Only when you see the extraordinary in your story can you go ahead and use it as the key tool to build your business. 


This is exactly why I created the ‘Sparkle Through Story’ community where I help coaches like yourself be seen and heard through your personal story. Your personal story becomes the tool that sets you up as an authority in your niche so that those tens of thousands of people who woke up in the morning today looking for solutions to the problems you help solve can find you.


In other words, you generate a steady flow of aligned clients, deepen your impact and generate more income in your business.


Now, isn’t that’s why you became a coach in the first place?  


Just don’t take my word, check out what others are saying!

Michaela Nothdurfter, Sweden

Wow, what can I say about Parul as a coach?

She is a gem. Her knowledge about storytelling is extraordinary and even for me as a speechtherapist who worked with storytelling, there was a lot more to learn from her. 

Why? Because it is more as a passion for her and this is to feel in every second. Parul brings so many aspects of the topic “storytelling” perfectly together-aspects of psychology, philosophy, rhetoric of course and foremost love and compassion as a base of her being.

What I love about Parul and her work? She has for me a “loving and present” teacher personality. 
She meets people respectfully on a non judgemental place and her energy is clean and strengthening- that’s really special in her. 

She is as same interested as you to reach your goal, namely to find the depth and the treasures in and of your life stories. She guides you intuitively to worthy secrets of your own life and when needed pushes you. I was sometimes very emotional about some stories and Parul was there for me, strong as a rock. 

It is worth investing to get in deep touch with the own story and has life-transforming character- in the sense of make purpose out of pain.

“You are not who you are despite your story, but because of your story!” Thanks so much for your coaching Parul!

Anita Phagura, UK

“No more waffling or long-windedness.

Succinct and clear message.

Having fun with speaking.

Practical tips on how to share my story during speaking engagements.

How to bring my personality into my speaking.

Massive personal transformation working through my story and healing from it.”

Michelle Yeoman, UK

Parul supported me with my first public speaking opportunity. She gave me tips and insights, and reviewed my plan. Her wonderful style completely put me as ease. Knowing I’d followed Parul’s guidance in preparing my story, I felt a sense of comfort that it would all be ok. Not just ok, but great! My nerves melted away and I loved the experience.

Without Parul’s support I would not have planned or delivered as effectively. Parul coached me to believe that everyone has a story and we deserve to be heard! I highly recommend Parul for anyone wishing to be seen and heard through their story.

Bonnie Towe, UK

Parul is an excellent coach. Her intuition and insight enables her to ask you the coaching questions which will open your eyes to your own blocks, enabling you to rewrite your own story.

Hetal Rathod, India

“I used to find it difficult maintaining the balance between the right pitch and the right pace. 

I used to just run away with my topic and talk around what I know. But now I can build stories around a topic because that’s not a constraint anymore. 

I build those stories in front of my clients. It has also helped me evolve as a good communicator in front of my team members.

It is helped me to maintain the balance between the pace and the pitch. 

It is easy to understand and easy to follow. Once you practice, you can master the art of speaking in front of an audience.”

Rukayyat Lawal, Nigeria

“She broke down everything for me in simple terms and made it seem so easy. I knew what I want to do but did not know ‘the how’. She was able to explain all of it in the best possible way. Now I feel very equipped and ready to put myself out there.

Thank you for being there for me. Indeed you are a woman of great influence. I so aspire to be like you.”

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