I help coaches sparkle through their personal stories to
connect with their audience, establish credibility and stand out from the crowd in order to build their business.


I am Parul. I help brilliant coaches like yourself be seen and heard through your personal stories so that you can build your business.

The coaches I work with stop settling, they stop playing small because they use their personal stories to establish their credibility & authority to stand out from the crowd and connect with their audience. They communicate their why loud and clear because people do not buy what we do but why we do it.

In our current world where most information is just a click away, our ability to establish an emotional bond with our audience is critical to our success. Stories are a brilliant tool to establish that connection.

As a coach, my superpower is to identify patterns that make you get in your way and open up options that you didn’t know existed.

I facilitate this by exploring your inner stories which, in turn, helps you to own your worthiness and your story. Your new inner story says, “I see myself and consider myself worthy.” Then I help you write a sparkling story.

The story that is unique because it is yours and will help you build your dream business.

The story that makes sure that you do not become the crowd.

The story that enables you to sparkle.

And why settle when you can sparkle?

Inner story stops these
people – Personal
transformation required

No issues with the inner
story – need storytelling

Ready to take the stage
and hone their speaking

Rewire my story

Tell my story

Stand up and share my