What is my ‘Why’?

I want every person to feel
seen and heard in a way that

feels safe and right for them.

Sharing our story is the best tool.

What is my ‘Why’?

I want every person to feel
seen and heard in a way that

feels safe and right for them.

Sharing our story is the best tool.

So, what is my story?


My life was going on smoothly until the morning I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in September 2012 in the week of my 34th birthday.

 With cancer, came tons of uncertainty and fear. For over 6 months, I did not know if I would ‘make it’ to the other side. And so, every single day I made a promise to myself, “That if I make it to the other side, I would do everything in my power to live the rest of my life, no matter how long or short it is, as joyously and meaningfully as possible”.

Eventually, I did make it to the other side. Phew! Would this be the happily ever-after I sought?


I really wish I could tell you that it was. But I would be lying!

A 100%.

You see, I did survive cancer but was left so poorly that I felt as if I was vegetating mentally, emotionally and physically. The whole surviving cancer victory suddenly looked like a false win…a lie! Before I was physically ill but as you can probably tell depression had hit me.

During one of those ‘low moments’, my oncologist came to my rescue when he said, “Cancer is a life changing experience. Let it be an experience that changes things for the better for you”.

Mind. Blown. Totally!

I had two clear choices: I could either continue feeling like a victim about cancer or I could keep the promise I made to myself to live as joyously and meaningfully as I possibly could. 

My ‘choice’ could be my superpower!

It was time to wear my cape and exercise my superpower.

The first thing I did was to get professional help and do everything I could to get better because only a full cup can give! 

Through coaching, I decided that focusing only on the work that made my heart sing was the next right step for me. It was time to set up my coaching practice to help people achieve their dreams. Building the coaching business wasn’t as easy or quick as I wanted it to be. Soon I worried that ‘I wasn’t not good enough’; I looked for help but because I was so impatient, I ended up making several wrong business decisions and lost more money than I could afford. 

Eventually, I found the right coach who helped me see that I did not need anyone else to rescue me or my business; that I could start serving clients right away because I knew enough. Because I was enough.

Until now, I was the one who wasn’t seeing, hearing and validating myself.

And I did serve clients right away. All because I changed my inner stories that were getting in my way….the biggest one being ‘I am not an entrepreneur!’ I also learnt that I must give myself time and permission to build the business I wanted to build. 

I gained clarity on my goals, did mindset work, developed better habits like consistent action, stopped trying to be perfect or getting distracted by the current shiny object doing the rounds on the social media, dealt with my deepest fears and held myself accountable to my coach. 

In short, I got out of my way.

So, I totally ‘get’ you. I get that you can be brilliant at coaching but still not be seen and heard by your ideal clients because it is easy to get in our own way and not see it because ‘we are in the story’. It is hard to read our own labels when we are inside the jar. 🙂

I get it when you feel that you are not enough.

I get it that you need someone to have your back in the times when you feel like abandoning yourself.

I get you because I have been where you are.

I get you because I was you.

I take immense pride in the work I do. It is truly an honour to help people with their stories. It is not just skills-based work. No, it goes much deeper. It is soulful. It is messy. It makes people vulnerable by exploring deeper emotions such as their shame – all with one BIG objective…so that they can see and hear themselves and find the courage to go out and share their stories…enabling others to see and hear them.

In simple words, it is magic.

If you want some of that magic for yourself,


Book your £99 session and take your first step towards seeing and hearing yourself


P.S: Please note that there would be no additional selling on this call. The purpose of this heavily discounted session is to help you have your first breakthrough towards finding, owning, writing and sharing your story.

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