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I Believe in You!

2011 - Distinguished Toastmaster Award

Received my Distinguished Toastmaster award from Toastmasters International! It is the highest award Toastmasters International give to their members when they successfully complete the public speaking and the leadership tracks on the program.

2015 - Launched My First Book

Globally launched my first book ‘My Cancer Journey – A rendezvous with myself’. This book explores the key message, “Being in a fearful situation is a circumstance; being stuck in it is a choice”. It is available on your local Amazon store.

2012 - Diagnosed With Cancer

Got diagnosed with the most aggressive form of breast cancer; made a promise to myself to live life fully every single day, if I got another chance at life…which I did after 6 months of uncertainty. Revamped my life completely, including work.

2016 - Launched My Signature Program

After successfully launching my first Public speaking video course, I decided to add more video-based courses to my offering. Today, I provide one-on-one and group coaching along with my signature program – Rewire Your Story.

Hello fellow awesome being,


I am Parul. I am a Story-telling coach. My vision is to help you rewire and share your story so that you can express your genius in front of your tribe.


Why do I do what I do?


My life was going on smoothly (almost on an autopilot which I seemed to love back then) until the morning when I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2012. I came face to face with real fear when I did not know for over 6 months, if I would ‘make it’.

Cancer changed me completely – physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, socially and spiritually. It also gave me an opportunity to take a long hard look at my life and retain only those aspects that made my heart sing; I let go of everything else.

Having gone through this transformation, I appreciate how scary it is to let go of the life we have known until now and the identities we’ve built for ourselves. But I also understand that going through this transformation and living the life that we truly want to live is the best possible way to spend our time on Earth.

I am grateful at having received a second chance at life. I want to make sure that I live every single day of the rest of my life thriving and helping people thrive, my own definition of ‘Happily ever after’. 🙂


What transformation can someone expect when they work with me?


All coaching is bespoke but here are some of the key things you can expect when you work with me.

  • Moving forward with clarity on your ‘as is’ and ‘where you want to be’
  • Build yourself up by strengthening your strengths and aligning yourself with your values, to pursue what truly gives you happiness
  • Demolishing all your self-sabotage patterns – your labels, fears, stress triggers, self-critical inner talk or anything that makes you feel that you are not enough
  • Learning how to manage your state of being – emotionally, physically and spiritually and owning your worthiness
  • Rewiring your life script and your story such that it enables you to express your genius in front of your tribe (at work as well as in personal life)


I only work with action-takers who



  • Are willing to step out of their comfort zones,
  • Are committed to deep personal transformation,
  • Believe that they are impact-creators and
  • Want to share their gifts with the rest of the world to make this world a better place.

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