When I started public speaking many years ago, I knew that there would be a rule of thumb that would define my each and every speech from that point on…do you want to know what it was?

I’ll get there in a second; keep reading.

What about you? Is there a compelling truth that you can apply to your each and every speech/talk/presentation – as they say in the classics…Ya betcha! There is, for sure!

This something is a MUST for effective speaking, especially if you are trying to get a tangible result like influencing your audience to buy your idea or product or service or to inspire and persuade them into taking a specific action….ignore this and you will NEVER make the impact you want to create!

Here goes the secret:

“Build trust with your audience….”

You see…the foundation to delivering a great speech/talk/presentation is our ability to build trust with our audience.

In the back of your mind you just need to put this into your thoughts each and every time you prepare for a speech…

“What can I say that will build trust and connection ?”

A 100% fool-proof way to do this is by asking yourself the question:

“Can I lower my guard just enough that they would trust me?”

This never fails, believes me!

In essence – as a speaker, be courageous and make the first move to establish trust and connection….yes, you do that even at boring presentations at work that have the potential to put their audience to snooze. There is a good reason why the phrase ‘death by powerpoint’ exists.