Most of us try and fit in…. that is one of the things about growing up.

We try and fit in based on what the authority figures (read parents, teachers etc) in our lives tell us, we try to fit in based on what is accepted socially and culturally, we try to fit in based on others’ expectations of us, we try to fit in based on what is ‘in’ or ‘cool’….but not always do we manage to fit in. Do we?

No, I am not lambasting what the authority figures in our lives told us; they were just doing their best based on what they knew at the time. But the fact is that we cannot be fulfilled if we follow others, simply because each of us are different. Our psyche, thoughts, actions, DNAs, emotions, aspirations, needs, motivations, values and personality traps are different from others. Therefore, if you have ever felt that no matter how hard you try, you just do not fit in, there is one reason – You were meant not to!

You are a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.


Here is what I want to invite you to consider.

Why fit in a round hole when you can carve out a new square hole for yourself, a place where you can be the real you?

Why bother to comply based on what does not sit well with your authentic self?

Why erode your every single corner when you can be whole?

How about for a change, each one of you and I, choose to be and celebrate what we really are – square pegs?


If you are a square peg who wants more in life than just fitting in, coaching could be the next step for you. It is a fantastic medium to explore the real you and understand how you move forward, achieve more and be a leader who inspires and influences others!