Showing up for ourselves every single day is important. We’ve got to roll up our physical and emotional sleeves and do what we’ve got to do to get where we want to get.

That is the only way we can build the life we want.

But showing up must be balanced and works best in conjunction with something else….


Time out to reflect and to replenish so that we can show up when we feel rejuvenated.

Showing up as well as Time out are not just activities;

They are attitudes, lifestyles and conscious choices we make.

Every time we make the decision to show up, we are telling ourselves that our aspirations and goals matter.

Every time we make the decision to take time out, we are telling ourselves that looking after ourselves matters.

Therefore, showing up and Time out affirm our worthiness.

Do you remember to balance ‘showing up’ as well as taking ‘time out’?


Do you feel that ‘you are all over the place’ and would like more balance in your life? Well, I can definitely help you get focused so that you can get on with what you really want to do!