Being seen and heard is a core human need. Every human wants to be seen and heard. Loved. Validated. The ‘how’ of being seen and heard varies for different people but the basic need is applicable to everybody. 


Being seen and heard is also a poorly understood concept. A lot of people think that because they want to be seen and heard, it is a need that must be fulfilled externally i.e. other people must see and hear them.


Do you happen to be someone who believes that being seen and heard is all about others acknowledging and validating our work?


 If yes, STOP!


Believing that being seen and heard happens only outside of yourself, puts you at huge risks. External validation, people-pleasing, unhealthy dependence are just a few of those risks. The challenge is that you get stuck into a never-ending vicious circle because you become perpetually dependant on others for that validation or being seen and heard. 


In business, when you do not see and hear yourself, you stay safe, small and have little opportunity to make an impact and a financially successful business. 





If you do not see your awesomeness, what is the chance that you will show up in a way that others will see it? You cannot show up as who you do not believe you are; can you?



However, if you can see the magical-kickass person you are, you show up accordingly; you embody that magic and allow others to see it too. In short, you stand tall and proud in your power, and show up powerfully in your work and life, in general.






In business, showing up powerfully has a direct consequence. It results into deeper impact and more income.


I remember working with a client who was just starting out as a coach. As a new-bie, her confidence was low and she was in a space where, I would say, she wasn’t seeing and hearing herself. She was also not a fan of traditional marketing approaches that most marketing coaches teach because they felt intimidating and exhausting. She struggled to put her message out because she wanted a way that would enable her to connect with her audience soulfully. She was also scared of being judged and pushed away if she tried selling. It was a horrible cycle of feeling scared and unfulfilled and staying broke because no one can buy from someone who isn’t visible.


Lo behold! Comes in her story to her rescue! 



We did the story work together which enabled her to see and hear herself.


“OMG! My story is SO inspiring!” I still remember the twinkle in her eye when we went through the final version of her story.


Through her story, we also created a message that was unique and authentic to her. She began to build her audience through her story and stopped being the industry’s best kept secret. She created an income for herself (because people buy from people who they trust), and served clients powerfully which is the key reason why she set up her coaching practice.


Now, that’s what I call a win-win situation! 

Our story is the most powerful way to see and hear ourselves.


When we explore our story, we connect with ourselves AND others. During the story work, we tend to look at why we do what we do, what are our personal values, we appreciate how far we have come by overcoming the curve-balls life threw at us and the common patterns across our entire life. A sumtotal of these elements creates a unique story.  

A message so deeply rooted in our uniqueness is bound to make an impact by helping us stand out in a crowded market place and standing in our power within. 

(Trivia: Do you know that a message wrapped up in stories is 22 times more likely to stick with the audience than when it is delivered only through facts sans stories? No wonder ‘Facts tell, stories sell!)

Using your story as the tool to be seen and heard (by others as well as yourself) has the following key steps:  


🌻 Clarity on how well you see and hear yourself


🌻 Finding your story (Summarising the whole of your life in a 5-10 minutes story)


🌻 Owning your story (How comfortable are you with the identity your story gives you?)


🌻 Sharing your story (Impactfully and effectively on video, from the stage or in text)


Oooh! By the way, here is a free audit tool for you to gain clarity on the first step. It is my gift to you to help you with the next step to seeing and hearing yourself:


Hold on…there is more!


With this basic understanding of being seen and heard and how your story can help you with it, I invite you yo check out the two videos below to go deeper into the concept. 


In the first video below, I am sharing with you in detail what ‘being seen and heard’ really is and what it isn’t. Please watch it to gain crystal clarity on this concept so you never fall in the unhealthy trap of looking for external validation and staying hidden. This video will also tell you the most powerful thing you need to do to make sure that you NEVER stop by what others think of your work or not. In short, you break the vicious circle of depending on others for validation. 



When you finish watching it, go on to watch the second video that explains why our story is such a powerful tool. Yup! The goodness of our personal story goes faaar beyond what you read before. 

Brace yourself to be awed and amazed.



Video 1: The concept of Being Seen and Heard. What it is? What it isn’t?

Video 2: Brace yourself to be amazed by the goodness of our personal story in the context of Being Seen and Heard. 

Are You ready to take the next step?


Complete the audit below and let us explore how well you feel seen and heard in your business and life. So, you gain clarity (in a safe environment) on what’s really going on with you and make decisions on how you want to proceed further.

Exploration —–> Clarity ——> Decisions —-> Transformation