The summer is at its tail end in the beautiful London and I am trying to make the most of it. So is my husband, Abhishek. Therefore, while I write this, I see him dressed up in his gear, armed with safety goggles and all the paraphernalia required to paint the garden fence. Got to make the most of the summer, haven’t we?

I watch as he patiently sprays the paint and then uses the brush to spread it evenly on the wooden fence panels. It is a calming sight; how a seemingly uninspiring task can cause such spectacular difference and enhance beauty when someone pursues it with perseverance.

Amidst this admiration of Abhishek’s workmanship and the receding sunlight from our backyard, I decide to water the plants and then turn on the sprinkler for the lawn grass later. We have over two dozen plants, shrubs and trees in our garden, in addition to about half a dozen more in the driveway.  Therefore, it takes a bit of time to water them all. The sun is going down fast and the sky is a beautiful bright blue colour before it will turn all orange. The sunlight continues to dance in one small portion on the lawn as it gets ready to bid us goodbye for the evening.

I pick up my garden hose and begin watering the plants; just another leisurely activity on a beautiful summer evening. I tend to the plant whose name I am not familiar with. But what I do know is that our avian visitors love the tiny cherry like red fruits on it. May be you know which plant I am referring to? I move on to the jasmine, and then stand next to the bottle-brush shrub, reminiscing about its tremendous beauty when it was in full bloom about a month ago. I pick up my hose and while the water is still running, I carelessly walk down the lawn, deliberately stepping into the sun. I feel the tepid warmth of sun on my skin and feel every cell in my body coming alive. Then…very slowly but surely I see it… my garden hose ejects a heavy stream of water while I stand in the sunny area of the lawn….a rainbow….the rainbow that I happened to create as my garden hose gargled and splurged water against a sunny backdrop.

I rub my eyes to make sure that I am really seeing a rainbow! This rainbow seems to start at the mouth of my hose and terminates where the stream of water gets immediately sucked by the parched earth. I call out to Abhishek and ask him if he is able to see a rainbow too and surely he is.

I am not dreaming”, I tell myself and smile at my own creation. I am suddenly transformed into a painter whose canvas is the sunny sky and her brush the garden hose. I wave my hose at the sky in different shapes and see several rainbows appear one after the other. Each of them traces the path that my hose has taken.

I am a magician and the hose that I am holding my magic wand. Surely, I must be a magician because I am creating my own rainbows with abstract movements of a garden hose!

Like always, I try to count the seven colours in the rainbow but manage to distinguish between just six of them. Like always, it does not matter! Like always, I stand there spell bound as I admire the plethora of beauty around me.

I feel a little sad because I have taken so long to understand that I have the power to paint my own rainbow. Surely, the hose, the garden and the sun have been available for so long but I have never managed to do it….until now. While there is a pinch of sadness over the missed opportunities, I am also joyous for I have finally discovered the magic that enables me to create rainbows with little external help.

I say goodbye to the setting sun as the sky turns into a bright orange colour; knowing that I can tap into this magic anytime to have my personal rainbow appear instantly just by putting in a little effort and enlisting some help from the sun.

Here’s to the magic that each of us carries within ourselves!


Coaching enables you to do exactly this: it helps you to create your own rainbows through the resources you already have. A coach’s expertise lies in helping you tap into your inner strengths that you think may not even exist.