Conversation with my Mom on a Sunday morning:

Mom: How is the project ‘X’ you were working on coming along?

Me: A quick update. Gist of the conversation – Work in progress.

Mom: How about the project ‘Y’?

Me: Again a quick update. Gist of the conversation – Work in progress.

Mom: Amidst all this, there is so and so new challenge.

Me: Yes.

Mom: Your work in progress means that neither X nor Y have worked out yet; have they?

(Now you know where I get my straight-forward mannerisms from….haha)

Me: That is one way to look at things.

Mom: This is so upsetting. (She is genuinely upset and concerned now; I guess Moms never stop worrying about their kids. :)).

Me: Don’t be upset; it is all good.

Mom: How so?

Me: Because Abhi and I are happy.

Mom: What do you mean?

Me: People set goals so that they can eventually be happy. They think that a better career, a healthier body, a better relationship will bring them happiness.

Mom: So?

Me: Well, Abhi and I are already happy.


Mom: Does it mean that you are abandoning your commitment to your projects?

Me: No. What I mean is that I am choosing to be happy right now, whilst both my projects are ‘work in progress’.


Abraham Hicks, my favourite speaker on the Laws of the Universe says, “You will never get it done and that is okay”.

You will never get it done because when you reach where you’ve wanted to, you will want to reach somewhere else.

Doesn’t that make sense?

We may be at ‘A’ now and working towards ‘B’. When we get to ‘B’, we will start working towards ‘C’ and so on and so forth.

That’s how a human brain is wired…it consistently pursues new goals and desires…that’s what keeps us motivated to move forward.

If we tie our happiness to reaching B or C or wherever it is for us (I will be happy when I have a new job, I will be happy when I get promoted, I will be happy when my son tops his class, I will be happy when my daughter gets into an Ivy League College…you get the drift here…) our happiness will, at best, be short-lived because we will soon start desiring the next thing. At worst, we may end up waiting for a very long time (even forever) to be happy.

Therefore, it is important that we not only enjoy the destination, but also the ride.

No matter how bumpy the ride is.

When we get on one of those crazy rides at an amusement park, the fun lies in not just reaching the end point. The whole fun lies in the tossing and the turning, the bumps, the scares and finally arriving where we set out to.

Do yourself a favour, you lovely person reading this…

Do understand that…

Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is a decision.

Next time you feel like postponing being happy,

Until something is achieved,

Remember you can be happy right now.

And you must do it.

Because you deserve all the happiness in the world.

We all do!

Right…After finishing this ‘happy post’,  I should get back to my ‘work in progress’ projects now….haha…Talk to you soon! 




If you are someone who is struggling to find happiness, remember that it is possible to be happy right now; coaching is a great tool to facilitate this goal. Coaching helps you gain clarity on what you want and then helps you get out of your way to achieve your goal while making sure that you choose happiness in the moment….like gaining clarity that you want to share your story, followed by crafting and sharing your story? Coaching also helps you to become unstuck from your story that is holding you back.

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