Too often we settle for too little,

or too familiar, or too easy,

not because that’s what we want

but because we believe that is all there is.


Too often we try to fit in,

We the square pegs into round holes,

not because that’s what we desire,

but because we believe that’s how it’s got to be.


Too often we stay where we are,

Not because we are inspired,

But because we are too afraid…

to lose what is comforting.


Too often we become,

Who we are not,

Because that’s what we’ve come to believe,

Through other people and events.


Too often we carry our BIG egos,

Carrying & living the ideas

Of who we think we are,

but are not.


Too often, we do not realise

it does not have to be this way…

we can do more, be more…

if only we change our way.

~ P


Feeling that you have settled for too little in life? Do not despair, what has happened until now does not need to define the rest of your life. You can build your ‘tomorrow’ which can be totally different from your yesterday and today!