“How long do your clients take to become great at public speaking – Days / weeks / months?”

Someone asked me during a conversation yesterday.

I said, “Months definitely, maybe even longer…at times years.”



It is possible to teach someone a skill in a few weeks but imbibing that skill takes much longer.

My fitness instructor, Sarah, always says, “Please do not walk out of this 45 minutes abs class expecting 6-packs. Building 6-packs will take commitment, time and perseverance.”

Like any other muscle, you do not build speaking muscle in just a few hours or days. Working with a mentor or a coach significantly shortens that time because you get the right tools, the structure and are no longer trying and testing things….simply because the mentor or the coach has done that legwork already.  

It is also not so much about how long you take to become a great speaker. What is more important is: how often you do what you need to do to build a new skill.

If someone writes and delivers a speech once a month, they will take a very long time to reach where they want to.

However, if someone writes and delivers a speech every week; they will get there quicker.


Show up.





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