How powerful is your word?

Beyond imagination.


A few decades ago, a man in Germany, by the use of the word, manipulated a whole country of intelligent people.

Grievous crimes against humanity were committed.

He changed the world. For the worse.

A man on the other side of the planet inspired a nation when he took the stage and said, “I have a dream”.

He changed the world. For the better.


Time and again, we see people giving away their word with little care.

They do not realise that their ‘word’ has real impact.

Whenever a hateful story or a poem is written and shared,

It divides (some) people and invokes hatred.

Whenever a message of love is shared,

It brings (some) people together.

Yes, one story / one talk / one poem does not persuade the whole world into hating or loving others

But every little emotion comes together

And eventually builds up the emotional and social fabric of our environment.


Our first crush comments ‘How ugly you are!’

And we spend many years believing it to be true.

We are told some version of ‘we are not good enough’,

We take it as the final word and live such that it becomes our truth.


Whenever an authority figure in our lives makes big promises,

but does not keep their word,

They not only impact the immediate ‘thing’ at hand,

But they teach us to mistrust them and others.


Whenever an employer exploits an employee,

They force people to be extra-vigilant next time.

They make this world slightly worse.


That is the POWER of your word.

Therefore, exercise caution with how you use it.

Be impeccable with your word.

Your word may not change the whole world,

But it may change someone’s whole world!

(Inspired by the First Agreement, Be Impeccable with your word, written by Don Miguel Ruiz).


P.S. That is why public speaking is an effective tool to change the world and create the impact you want to create. To explore how powerful your word/story is,