Earlier today I was speaking to a fellow entrepreneur and a friend when he commented on how my relationships with fellow coaches were so strong and trusting.

I responded, “Yes, I am brilliant at building relationships”.

Later, this conversation got me thinking on why some people can do it better than others; and when they do, what are the risks and benefits?

I believe that being honest and authentic is critical to building relationships. Also, it is important to take a leap of faith and trust other people.

Not letting people come too close to us may keep us safe but it keeps us lonely; it also prevents us from fulfilling our deeper needs of connection and safety.

“But does taking a leap of faith not put you at a certain risk that others may take advantage of you? What if you get conned?”

The answer is “yes”, most definitely…”yes”, it does…

Have I ever been conned? Oh yes, I have been conned.

But the pleasant experiences outnumber the bad ones by leaps…and the occasional bad experiences turn out to be great lessons…

Keep investing in your relationships guys and do not let a few bad experiences deter you.

When you have everything going for you, these people will rejoice with you and when things do not go as planned, some of these people will lend a hand, be there for you and pull you through.

Relationships, like everything else, are like your bank accounts…the treasure builds up over time when you consistently make credits into your account. They are totally worth it!



Do your relationships indicate a certain pattern, one which you do not like? Well, there may be something deeper going on.