I want to help you rewire and share your story so that you can express your genius in front of your tribe.

Most of the people live by a life script that pulls them down, instead of building them up. When we live based on such a story, we play small, fail to achieve what our heart truly desires and often feel unseen, unheard and unvalidated.

When we feel unseen or unheard, we throw our power away; often we doubt ourselves every step of the way. We also continue experiencing the exact same patterns in our lives (struggle in relationships, inability to say a ‘no’, being passed over for promotions, inability to express our thoughts etc). The patterns repeat because our actions are based on our thoughts and emotions.

If what we think and feel makes us feel small, there is no way that our actions will not reflect our feeling small. If we continue thinking the same thoughts, the end results would continue to be the same.

To break this vicious cycle, we need to deep dive into this disempowering story, rewire it and replace it with a new story that works for us.

I am explaining the concept in this video.


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