Do you wake up in the middle of night and lie worrying about how your life is going?

Worrying about what’s going on at work, or in your personal relationship or with kids or the rest of the family or about that business you secretly want to establish but have not found time for yet?

Well, I sleep poorly (It is my cancer medication that interferes with sleep). So, like most nights I found myself wide awake at a time that would be ‘early’ by all standards.

I could not just put myself back to sleep.

I had two options: Be disgruntled about not being able to sleep and eventually start my day at a bad note.


Look at the cracking stuff going on in my life and relish it….mmmm!

So, I thought about my coaching call scheduled for later that day, considering how it is such a privilege to share people’s journeys and help them move forward.

I lay in my warm bed thinking about all the pleasures life has provided me with – a beautiful home, comforts, a warm bed (I live in a cold country), beautiful linen, clean water, nutritious food…Oh this could go on for a while!

I looked at the man next to me and considered how affirming life can be….life is not perfect but hell yeah…you can deal with whatever sh*t it throws at you when you have someone amazing in your corner.

I considered how I continue to grow and learn every single day, become more self-aware and do the best I possibly can. I appreciated that there are times when my best is not always good enough, I make mistakes, I get afraid, I even begin to doubt myself but then I spring back on my two feet – ready to relearn, reset and resume.

There is a button to relearn, reset and resume that we all have.

It is called a decision.


Willing to work with a coach who can help you relearn, reset and resume transforming you from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’?