Last week, while walking down the beautiful streets of Prague, I said to my 16 year old niece, “I am so proud of you!”

She looked surprised and asked “But my exam results have not even been announced yet”. (She is awaiting results for her class X / GCSE.)

I responded, “But my pride in you has nothing to do with how much you score in your exams”.

“Then what exactly are you proud of?”, asked a genuinely confused young girl.

“I am proud of you. I am proud of the person you are. How I feel about you is not dependant on your performance nor should it be.”

“Okaayyyy”….came a slow and surprised response but one that was laced with her feeling ‘validated’ and ‘seen’ as a person.


Questions based on this casual conversation during a family holiday:

How often we tell ourselves and the other people who are important to us that our worthiness is based on what we achieve or not?

How often we mix up our worthiness with what we have or don’t have?

How often our beliefs disempower us instead of building us up?

How often in our stories we try to fix ourselves when the truth is that we do not need to be fixed at all….we are not broken in the first place!

Let’s change those stories!



Willing to explore deep-seated beliefs and thought patterns to rewire your story such that it works for you and not the other way round?