Me: “My knee hurts.”

My spinning instructor (MSI): “Injury?”

Me: “No. Something has been happening in the spinning class. I go back with an achy knee. It is a consistent pattern.”

MSI: “You seem to crank up too much resistance on the bike.”

Me: “Isn’t that a good thing? The more the resistance, the better it is.”

MSI: “Why?”

Me: “Because that means my workout is more intense; I get more out of this class.”

MSI: “Are you?” (Pointing at my injured knee)

Me: “May be…maybe not. But an injury for sure.”

MSI: “How about you reduce the resistance so that your movement is more fluid and hopefully you will have no injuries when you get the balance right?”

(I tried her suggestion the next time and voila! no more injury)


The concept of lowering our resistance to prevent injuries and striking a healthy balance is not just applicable in a fitness class. We can lower resistance in all the aspects of our lives so that our movement is more fluid.

Some ideas on how we can benefit from lowering our resistance are:

-When listening to new ideas
-When meeting new people
-While receiving and giving feedback
-While following our hearts
-While loving – others as well as ourselves
-While getting out of our way
-While picking up our patterns
-While experiencing change
-While supporting someone going through a hard time
-While staying in our comfort zones
-While experiencing life every single day.

What is one place where you can let go of resistance today? Need help letting go of resistance so that you can get on with doing what you are meant to do?