I often talk about living your dream, but what if you are not sure if you have what it takes to succeed!

Here is the thing, my friend….

You’ve got to learn how to manage your mind when it starts sabotaging your confidence.

But how???

Well, that’s exactly what I am going to share in this blog post: 

(1) Ask better questions: You must understand that our minds are like the web search engine. What happens if you go to Google and search for say, restaurants in your local area? Well, you get the list of restaurants in your local area.

When you ask yourself, “How can I be so stupid?”, well guess what? Your inner Google tells you…ALL the reasons why you are so stupid!

Bottomline: Ask better questions. When you ask empowering questions, you receive empowering responses.

(2) Choose your thoughts: Do you know that you have the power to choose your thoughts? Our thoughts are generated in response to an event or a situation and go on to govern how we feel.

The next time, you think you do not have what it takes to succeed, change your thoughts.

I am not asking you to deny your situation. No!

What I am suggesting is: Just how you continuously downplay your capabilities, and tell yourself why you cannot pursue your dream, you have a choice to tell yourself why you can chase and live your dream.

Until now you have probably been hard at yourself; you know how that played out. How about we SHUT UP our inner critic, trust ourselves and get bedazzled with what we can truly achieve.

(This is not some ‘choice’ based generic mumbo-jumbo. Choosing our thoughts is a valid psychology based tool that is used to often manage our stress. I teach it in detail on one of the ‘stress-management’ courses in London.)

(3) Take risks: Anything that is worth pursuing demands a certain level of risk. Our fear keeps us safe in our comfort zone but it is stepping out of our comfort zone that truly makes us feel alive.

What say?



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