Through out my school years, I had felt that I did not belong amongst my classmates.

I came from a family of humble means; my parents had stretched themselves beyond what they could afford to give my siblings and I a good education (good education is private in India where I grew up).

Often hardships tend to give people a certain perspective at how they interpret life….this is precisely the reason why adversity plays a huge role in building us.

And so, I was often considered to be wise beyond my years. Whilst my fellow students considered me wise, they also thought that I sounded like a much older person and called me names….their favourite being ‘the old hag’.

I grew up with lot of admiration but not many friends.

I must confess that I tried to fit in but it never seemed to work.

The more I tried, the more ‘weird’ it got.

I could never figure out why that was the case.

But now after all these years, I have finally understood…

I did not fit in because….

I was meant to stand out.


I did not fit in because….

I wasn’t meant to.

Not fitting in was my blessing; it was my gift and not my curse.

Like how this past one week, I connected with people from different countries and helped them move forward in their lives.

I was instrumental in helping a young Mom realise that she was already equipped with all the tools and awesomeness she needed to get her business going. She had forgotten herself ‘when life happened to her’ and needed someone to remind her of her worthiness and self-worth.

I helped a woman understand that it was okay to give herself permission to grieve for her personal losses so that she could begin healing.

I spoke to an aspiring coach and speaker, helped her gain clarity on her next steps and got her committed to the specific actions she would take over the next 48 hours. Whilst I am writing this post, I know that she is putting together a killer business plan.

I helped a young man understand that asking for help to move towards who we aspire to be is not a sign of weakness but of immense strength. It shows our commitment to becoming the best version of ourselves.

These are some amazing breakthroughs people had with me over the past one week.

Like I said before….’not fitting in’ is my gift.

If you have struggled to own your gift or secretly desire to be more but are not quite sure on the ‘how’, we should talk.

If you read this post, and are tempted to scoff at it, “Good for them and you; but this would NEVER work for me”, you need this more than you know.

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