Whenever you are talking about yourself (to others or to yourself) and you hear some version of ‘I am just a….’, STOP!

You are not ‘just a…’; You are ‘a…’.

In my coaching conversations, I hear people say ‘I am just a stay at home Mom’, ‘I am just a nanny’, ‘I am just an aspiring coach’.

It breaks my heart because every time I hear ‘I am just a….’ they are devaluing themselves.

We do not need to. We must not devalue ourselves.

Whatever we do is important; it may not seem to have tangible results but trust me, it does.

When a stay-at-home Mom feeds her baby, looks after her, plays with her, changes her nappies or teaches her, she is not ‘just’ caring for a baby/child. She is building an ecosystem; the ecosystem that will impact that child’s whole life.

When she spends quality time with her 2 year old, she is instilling a solid belief that they are worthy of receiving quality time.

When she is fully present with them, she teaches them how they should be present in their own relationships.

When she loves them despite how they behave, she gives away the messages of unconditional love and accepting the whole person.

These are all powerful lessons that they will apply to all their relationships – at work, personal relationships, with friends, intimate relationships, with their children and most importantly with themselves.

So, next time, when you are tempted to say that ‘you are just a…’. remember that you are building/contributing to an ecosystem.

That’s no mean feet.

#Ownyourworthiness, #Selflove, #Selfacceptance, #Rewireyourstory


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