A couple of days ago, I was looking for some specific information that could help me convert a corporate prospect into a client. And so, I did what I normally do in such a situation – I tapped into my network. But unfortunately, nobody in my network had worked with this organisation. And so, I did the next thing that I do – reach out to people on LinkedIn and ask for help.

A senior professional agreed to speak to me over phone and gave me some fantastic inputs, exactly the kind of information I was hoping to find. Just when we were finishing the call, he said, “People have helped me in the past and I appreciate that. There were instances when I could not do anything for them in return but I made sure that I paid it forward. I hope you would do that too.”

“Of course, I would”, I assured him.

It was a beautiful reminder of we can help each other grow. While external benchmarking helps to evaluate how well we are doing in comparison to others, we necessarily do not have to compete all the time.

Paying it forward is also a fantastic way to build your network. Collaborate and keep the ripple effect going – keep ‘paying it forward’. 

When was the last time you had the opportunity to pay it forward?