Prague is known for its Bohemian crystals and glass work. We decided to do some last minute shopping there; we had just about an hour to quickly run to the shops, buy what we wanted to buy and leave for the airport to take our flight back home.

It was raining; we followed Google maps to get to the shop of our choice; quickly wiped our shoes on the doormat and rushed towards the shelf where the Bohemian crystal work was displayed.

“Thank you”.

I turned around and saw that it was the owner of the shop who had just thanked me.

“Err…what for?”

“You wiped off your shoes before entering the shop.”

“What’s the big deal about it? It is raining and I wouldn’t enter my own home without wiping off my shoes, would I?”

“That’s the thing; this is not your home. What you just showed was respect and thoughtfulness. Few people do it.”

I acknowledged his appreciation, smiled and got busy shopping.


Later whilst on the flight, I thought about this incident. How such a tiny thing meant so much to the shop owner.

It is often the small things that matter.

When we take a moment to stop and show thoughtfulness, we acknowledge other people.

That helps them feel seen and validated.

So, next time no matter how much in a rush we are, we must take a moment and be considerate of others.