Hello fellow awesome being :),

If you see yourself as an impact-creator / a change agent, this post is for you!

Most of us yearn to create impact during our human existence on this planet,

Be it in our personal lives, social circles, work or at a bigger level.

But often we worry that the problem we are trying to resolve, or the change we are trying to bring in is way bigger than what we can do!

Consequently, we feel unequipped to do much about the situation! 🙁 

Do you find this relatable?

I know how awful it feels when we eagerly and desperately want to build a different world but feel unable to…

because hey! we feel that we can’t change the entire world all by ourselves, can we?

(Think of something that you are passionate about…say reducing plastic waste or carbon footprint, improving gender equality….)

But do you know what is even worse?

(Seriously, there is something worse :))

What is worse is…that we do nothing about the problem, just because we cannot change the entire world!

What gets worse is….getting through the motions of life, on an autopilot

And one day…waking up to the reality that we actually DIDN’T do anything about the problem at all!

That is devastating and even guilt-invoking. We do not want to be in this situation, trust me!

So, the million dollar question is:

How do we become impact-creators and change agents really?

There is a little secret to this that I want to share with you. 🙂

Change starts with the person you see in the mirror.

Yes, that’s it!

You and I start ‘change’ at our own level…

We model the change or the impact ourself…

No, we don’t wait for the entire world to change!

We do it.

Then we take the idea to other people.

And implement it at a bigger level.

There are lots of ways in which we can share our change-ideas with other people: any creative expression such as writing and speaking works great (both being my favorite modes to share my ideas with people at large); this is exactly why public speaking is such a great tool to create impact! 

That’s how you and I become the impact-creators / the change agents.

Right here. Right Now!

This is me creating an impact through public speaking at a Gala fundraising event for a cancer charity in London – an 8 minutes speech which was instrumental in raising over £50,000 pounds in one single evening. 

What if you could do this?


Need help creating an impact like this through sharing your story?