Lots of people think that public speaking is only for those people who want to speak from the stage…

Those kind of people who sell from the stage or perform on the stage like the artists or the politicians…

Well, nothing could be further from the truth…

You know why?


“All speaking is public speaking whether it’s to one person or a thousand” ~ said Roger Love,  who is one of the world’s leading authorities on voice.

That’s right, my friend. 🙂

Every conversation with family, every chat with our friends, every presentation at work (even the most boring and mundane ones), every job interview, every performance appraisal discussion, every conference call in our existing job, every call with a prospect client, every dating conversation is an example of public speaking.

All speaking is public speaking unless we are sitting in a room talking to ourselves.

Yes, public speaking is not just what Toastmasters or professional speakers do…we all do it, ALL the time.

That is why learning to speak effectively is so critical.

Imagine attending an appraisal discussion where you present your ‘year long work’ to your manager but you do a horrible job at it….because hey! you do not know how to organise your message effectively.


Or imagine going out on a date where you fumble your way through who you are. Or you struggle to hold their attention because you do not share sticky and sublime stories with them.

Imagine you have a team to manage but you can barely talk to a group of people…so, you try and hide behind your computer all day long…avoiding every possible opportunity to address your team.


Now imagine this.

What if you could present your work in an interesting manner, emphasizing the challenges you faced, the value that you added and the various ‘Aha!’ moments that your clients had because of you?

What if you could share a riveting story about who you really are, what energises you and what are some of the defining moments of your life?

And what if you could lead from the front…putting yourself out there, energising your team when their spirits are low and be the leader you deserve to be and they deserve to have?

Can you see the difference?

Success. Fulfillment. Pleasure. Impact. Legacy.

Public speaking is not just a skill, nor is it the end….public speaking is means to an end…one that is possible to master…one that lets you to do more….one that enables you to be more.

This is me delivering an 8 minutes speech which was instrumental in raising 50,000 pounds on one single evening in London! What if you could do this?

Need help creating this impact that you so desire deep within you?