My friend and fellow coach, Anke, wrote about accruing ‘regret debt’ yesterday.

As someone who faced her own mortality while going through aggressive cancer and continues to live with the uncertainty that cancer brings, I can say that the last thing we want to do is leave this planet with regrets.

But as Anke says, if we do not want to accrue regret debt, we’ve got to take action. No action means more regret debt.

I think the choice is simple. Why accrue regret debt when you can accrue other things such as clarity or purpose or passion or fulfillment in life?

e.g. My husband, Abhi, and I started living consciously with choices that brought us more meaning and joy in our lives. One of the things we enjoy is travel. In 2019, we have visited 5 new countries, and we will be traveling to India next month to see our families…that would be strictly family time, no tourism.

Or another thing that we considered important was family time. So, whatever happens, we put aside 3 weeks in October-November to visit our families in India every year.

Remember that if you are not ‘doing’ what you say is important to you, you either need clarity on what is important to you or else your regret debt is piling up.

What choice will you make today?

Here is the link to the post on LinkedIn: