Prague looks spectacular when the sun goes down. You inhale the beauty of this place every time you breathe in. One such night as I walked down the Charles Bridge, a popular tourist destination, I came across hundreds of padlocks on the bridge.

The love locks.

A sight that I have seen in more than one countries…Scotland, France and Czech…Not just these three countries, lots of other countries have love locks too.

People put the padlocks on the bridge and throw the keys away, often into the nearby river.

Padlocks signify faith and unbreakable love.

When people throw the keys away, they have decided that they will make their relationship work, no matter what. Their belief in what they share with their partner is deeper than the depth of the river they throw the keys in.

Despite what is going on in our lives, we need such unwavering belief.

The story that we tell ourselves about what we can or can’t do or what we can or can’t have must support this belief.

If our story does not support this belief, we must change the story.




Need help overcoming your self-sabotage patterns that you can find such unwavering belief within yourself?