I am currently reading Belief Renovation authored by my dear friend, Trudi Afford…what a brilliant book by a brilliant coach!

Trudi explains how our minds are powerful beyond measure and how we can train them to create the life we want. How empowering is that; we get to play an active role in the life we want to create and live! We create, instead of responding or worse, reacting!

She also goes on to explain how everything (yes….everything, including solid objects and human beings) are energy.

I do remember we had to study E = mc2 a bit too much in physics class at school but I never realised that was serious sh*t!! Well, never too late to begin learning! 😁

Trudi explains how we pick up energy of things and people around us. Like when we go to a certain place and feel the energy is heavy and uncomfortable. Or we meet someone we have hardly known and they uplift our spirits!

She uses this simple anecdote to illustrate this concept:

There is a legend about a wise man who was sitting outside his village. A traveller came up and asked, “What kind of people live in this village, because I am looking to move from my present one?” The wise man asked, “What kind of people live where you are?” The man said, “They are mean, cruel, and rude.” The wise man replied, “The same kind of people live in this village too.”

After some time another traveller came by and asked the same thing. The wise man repeated his question, to which the traveller replied, “The people are very kind, courteous, polite and good.” The wise man said, “You will find the same kind of people here, too.”

What is the moral of the story?

Generally, we see the world not the way it is but the way we are.

Most of the time, other people’s behavior is a reaction to our own.

Thanks Trudi…you are a rock star! x


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