In the beginning of 2018, I was sharing my long-term business plan with a friend.

There were lots of things that were moving in the right direction; others not so much!

She was totally with me on how exciting as well as challenging the whole entrepreneurship can be.

She asked me, “Have you kept aside a time or a budget for ‘this’?”

Not sure, I requested her to clarify what she meant by ‘this’. 

She explained, “Well, how much time or money do you plan on investing to see if this business plan takes off and if you achieve your goal?

What is your plan B?”

Fair question, most people will say.

Me? Not so much!

I responded, “There is no upper cap on time and budget. I’ve got to make this work. I will work with my coach, do what he says, uplevel myself, take failure as feedback, relearn, reset and resume.

There is NO plan B.”

It sounded weird. But it felt right.

Whenever you talk about ‘trying to achieve something’ or ‘having a plan B’, you are telling yourself that whatever you are working at may not work.

How do you reckon your life will change if you viewed failure only as feedback and not a definite result?

What if you could continue pursuing a task until you achieve it?

~ P



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