I few years ago, I was conducting job interviews for my then employer, a global technology company. We were looking at recruiting lots of people and this particular CV seemed to fit our job requirements perfectly.

So, I started the conversation with ‘Tell me about yourself’…the Holy Grail of the interviewers…

The man sitting across the table pointed at his CV I held in my hands…

No, I did not ‘get’ what he was trying to tell me.

And so I asked again, ‘Tell me about yourself’…

This time he reached out, tugged at the CV and explicitly gestured that I should find out the answer to my question on his CV.

For the next ten minutes I tried to have a conversation but it was mostly a monologue. I never saw him again.

This man was not mute.

But he was silent because he could not share his story with me.

May be deep within himself, he also believed that his CV was who he was – his story.


In a different context last year, I asked someone to tell me about themselves. I had known them socially for a long time but never had an opportunity to connect with them at a deeper level. I didn’t really know them as a person….what energises them, what motivates them, what do they aspire for, what puts them off….I mean ‘the real them’.

They looked appalled and said, “I have NO idea”.

“Sure, you must have SOME idea…you could answer at least some of those questions”…It was my turn to be surprised and if you know me, I am not someone who gives up easily.

“There must be something that you might be able to share with me….who are you as an individual….”

Exasperated….they repeated….”But I really have NO idea”.

They were not trying to ‘hide themselves’ from me…..they genuinely did not know!

And so, they could not become ‘a real person’ in my world because we could not have a deep conversation…the kind of conversation that helps you to connect with other people…the kind of conversation that builds trust in personal relationships and at work.

We all know that we like to hang out and work with those people who we connect with, don’t we? 


When was the last time you considered ‘what your story’ was?

When was the last time you took an honest view of ‘Who are you?’

When was the last time you ‘saw yourself more than your CV’?

When was the last time ‘you met the real you’?

What is your story?


Let’s get you seen and heard through sharing your story in a powerful way!