Have you ever logged on a search engine and typed a question looking for some information? Let’s say, you are looking for the top 5 superfoods that will improve your health. What is the most likely result that the search engine shows you – The top 5 superfoods that will improve your health, isn’t it? What if, instead, you ask the search engine to show you the top 5 foods that will make you unhealthy? What is the response you expect to get – the top 5 foods that will make you unhealthy, isn’t it? Does the search engine ever object, “Excuse me, but that question is not good for you. You should instead be looking for healthy foods to eat”. Do you even imagine that kind of response? No, obviously you don’t. The search engine gives you what you ask for.

Or have you ever tried searching for a file on your laptop or computer? When you type a word and click ‘Go’ you get results that fulfill your search criteria, don’t you? Sounds simplistic, doesn’t it?

But how is this even relevant? Am I attempting to educate you on something that you know already? Allow me to explain please.

What I want to bring to your attention is this….our mind works exactly like this search engine or the search functionality on a laptop. When we ask a question of ourselves, it collates results that match the search query and hands them down to us – irrespective of whether they are helpful or not. So, if I ask myself, “Why am I struggling in my business or work?” my mind will throw back at me all the reasons contributing to this struggle. It might tell me that I am not enough – not educated enough, not motivated enough, not disciplined enough, not intelligent enough, not diligent enough, not smart enough or some version of not being or not doing enough.

Instead, if I ask myself, “How can I improve my business or work situation?” it will give me a list of things that I can do to improve my business. It might suggest that I could tap into my network, and try to get clients through the word of mouth. Or it might suggest that I sharpen my skills through some training. Or it might suggest that I should expand my network by meeting likeminded professionals.

The context remains the same – that there is work required to improve the business. But the questions that I ask of myself will influence my course of action. My questions will either help me get out of my way or make sure that I become my biggest roadblock.

Unfortunately, most people do not realize that their minds are their obedient servants. Just like a Genie, who grants the wish, irrespective of whether it serves the master or not, our mind carries out our instructions. However, what is liberating is to know that it is in our power to choose what we ask of our Genie. The power lies in stepping up and making the empowering choice that really serves us.

What are you asking of your Genie?


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